There are several tree planting programs available to Howard County residents. There is often no fee for participation. Please check the websites below for further information about the programs.

Howard County Recreation and Parks has several programs to help support tree planting throughout the County. Programs such as Stream ReLeaf and Turf to Trees help private landowners reforest their properties at no cost to them. For more information:

Maryland Department of Natural Resources has several tree planting programs for both urban and rural property owners. Their website also provides information on laws regarding trees.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers a coupon to help Marylanders Plant Trees. For more information and to access the coupon:

The University of Maryland Ag Extension provides a wealth of knowledge of on Natural Resources and Forestry topics. If you have a question about a tree or forest management, the Extension’s website is a great place to start your research. For more information:

Howard Ecoworks is a local non-profit that focuses on youth workforce development in natural resources careers. Howard Ecoworks helps landowners complete small to medium sized projects that provide environmental benefit. For more information:


Tree Planting Assistance

Through the Maryland Urban and Community Forestry Committee (MUCFC) Grants program, the Howard County Forestry Board can help community groups fund tree planting and education projects to enhance Maryland’s urban forest. Community tree projects may be organized via schools, service organizations, homeowner organizations or other volunteer-based groups. The tree planting/educational projects must be located on public lands in parks, metropolitan areas, cities or towns. The maximum grant awarded per project is $1,500. Grants are due to Grants Chair, with forestry board member original signature, by 4:30 p.m. on February, June or September 15 and reviewed shortly thereafter.

We especially encourage all of our local HOAs and church groups to apply!

Please visit the MUCFC Grants page at the Department of Natural Resources for more details and to download the application.