Renowned plant expert Douglas Tallamy  has some interesting comment about trees in response to the generalized reaction by homeowners to cut down trees after a hurricane.

“Don’t jump on the bandwagon of getting rid of all of your trees. That’s the first thing everybody wants to do, ‘I gotta cut all down my trees because they’re gonna fall on my house.’ I want to get more trees in the landscape. The more densely you have planted your trees, the more they are protecting each other.

Trees want to be in a forest. An isolated tree is vulnerable to being blown over, so the more trees we cut down, the more isolated the remaining ones are. Plant your trees closer than has been recommended so that, as they grow, they will interlock their roots, and think of them as tree communities, instead of single species and they’ll work together like they work in a forest situation.

But for a number of reasons, we need to get more trees into our eastern landscapes here because they’re the ones delivering the principle watershed, and biodiversity ecosystem services, and carbon sequestration, and cooling, and all those wonderful things they do for our urban heat islands. So, getting rid of trees is not the answer.”