The Howard County Forestry Board has been involved with the school system in our county.  In October, 2000 the Forestry Board was invited to talk about tree identification with the fifth-graders at Glenelg Country School. Jim Rose was excited to find a number of Kentucky Coffee Trees on the schoolgrounds.  An unusual example of doubly compound leaves provided a unique teaching tool. 

class1                           coffee11

Using the Kentucky Coffee Tree to explain leaf structure was a great opportunity to make the children more aware of the differences among trees.  Forty five students were along for the tree walk, and two gifted teachers helped make the outing a success. 


Texture and smells are important components in tree identification.  The students were able to smell Atlantic White Cedar cone and learned that it is not a Cedar but a member of the Juniper family. Southern Magnolias are good examples to teach that Evergreens loose their leaves too, only not all at once.


We saw deciduous Magnolias (Saucer) also on the grounds.           smagnolia1