Howard County has a great variety of both native and exotic trees. The following trees have been elected Champions of their species. If you know of a more impressive specimen, you can nominate it right now.

American Basswood Tilia americana
American Holly Ilex opaca
American Hornbeam Carpinus caroliniana
American Beech Fagus grandifolia
Copper Beech Fagus sylvatica
Cutleaf Beech Fagus sylvatica grandidentata
Himalayan Birch Betula jacquemontii
Black Cherry Prunus serotina
Black Gum Nyssa sylvatica
Black Locust Tilia americana
Black Walnut Juglans nigra
Black Willow Salix nigra
Boxelder Acer negundo
Butternut Juglans cinerea
Dawn Redwood Metasequoia glyptostroboides
Dogwood Cornus florida
Catalpa Catalpa speciosa
Flowering Cherry Prunus serrulata
Flowering Plum Prunus cerasifera
Ginkgo Ginkgo biloba
Goldenchain Tree Laburnum x watereri
Gray Birch Betula populifolia
Green Ash Fraxinus pennsylvanica
Hazel Alder Alnus serrulata
Eastern Hemlock Tsuga canadensis
Horse Chestnut Aesculus hippocastanum
Japanese Maple Acer palmatum
Japanese Pagoda Tree Sophora japonica
Katsura Tree Cercidiphyllum japonicum
Kentucky Coffeetree Gymnocladus dioicus
Cherry, Kwanzan Prunus serrulata 'Kwanzan'
European Linden Tilia europaea
Littleleaf Linden Tilia cordata
London Plane Tree Platanus x acerifolia
Southern Magnolia Magnolia grandiflora
Norway Spruce Picea abies
Osage Orange Maclura pomifera
Paperbark Maple Acer grisium
Persimmon Diospyros virginiana
Pin Oak Quercus palustris
Purple Plum Prunus cerasifera
Redbud Cercis canadensis
Red Buckeye Aesculus pavia
Red Maple Acer rubrum
Red Oak Quercus rubra
River Birch Betula nigra
Sassafras Sassafras albidum
Siberian Elm Ulmus pumila
Silver Maple Acer saccharinum
Sugar Maple Acer saccharum
Sweetgum Liquidambar styraciflua
Swamp White Oak Quercus bicolor
Tulip Poplar Liriodendron tulipifera
Umbrella Pine Sciadopitys verticillata
Weeping Birch Betula pendula
Weeping Cherry Prunus subhirtella
Weeping Willow Salix babylonica
White Ash Fraxinus americana
White Mulberry Morus alba
White Oak Quercus alba
White Pine Pinus strobus
Willow Oak Quercus phellos
Witch-hazel Hamamelis virginiana
Wye Oak Quercus alba
Yellowwood Cladrastis kentuckea
Yellow Buckeye Aesculus octandra


Do You Know a Champion Tree?

Have you seen a woodland titan that has withstood the test of time and towers regally above all else? Or spreads its limbs so wide as to shelter an entire herd of cattle?

If so, please help us to identify and recognize these sleeping giants by nominating them for the official Howard County Champion Tree registry.

Email the following information to the Champion Tree Coordinator at

  • Your name, phone number and email
  • The address or nearest address and a description of the location of the tree
  • Tree species, if known
  • Estimated size- height and width in feet
  • Estimated circumference in inches- this should be measured at 4.5 feet from the ground
  • Any further information about the tree- does it have a story?

Visit the Maryland Forestry Board website for more information on the state Big Trees program.