Do you own 1 - 10 acres of land?

Coming in September 2016, The Woods in Your Backyard is a 2 evening, 6 hour course designed for the small lot landowner.

Small lots are a big deal. 

Your land, wooded or not, is a vital source for all. By enhancing or creating natural areas and woodland on your lot, you can enjoy recreation, aesthetics, wildlife, and water quality.

The Woods in Your Backyard: 

Learning to Create and Enhance Natural Areas Around Your Home 


“The Woods in Your Backyard” workshop is available to encourage small acreage landowners to understand their role in conserving forest values and lead to more active involvement with natural resources. Landowners with more than 10 acres are also welcome! Whether you have a lot of forested space or none at all, if you are interested in planting trees and learning about funding soures for converting lawn acreage into woodland you will find this workshop very helpful and informative. 

As a result of the course, you may find yourself 

  • Spending more time outdoors and getting lots of exercise at your own pace,
  • Enjoying increased privacy and feeling that your own landscape is a sanctuary,
  • Viewing more abundant wildlife,
  • Enjoying forest products such as maple syrup and Christmas trees from your own yard, and
  • Increasing your property value

The Goal of the program is to help landowners develop a land use management plan focusing on  how to expand and manage their woodlands. Landowners will learn how to improve the ecological function of their property. Farms, fields and woodlands play a critical role in providing benefits for water quality, wildlife, recreation, quality of life, and economic opportunity.

Owners of even just a few acres can make a positive difference in their environment through planning and implementing simple stewardship practices learned at The Woods In Your Backyard Workshop. 

Information about sources for trees at affordable prices will also be provided. Classes are taught by foresters, arborists, landscape designers and Master Naturalists. 


What you will do in the course:

  •          Understand the benefits of managing your land;
  •          Learn how to map your property,
  •          Assess why you own your property, and what you hope it will become;
  •          Understand how your place functions in the larger landscape;
  •          Identify habitat units on your property;
  •          Learn the basics of tree identification, forestry, and habitat management;
  •          Assess and improve your property’s water resources, recreational possibilities, and aesthetic appeal;
  •          Choose a few backyard projects to help meet your goals; and,
  •          Learn how to set a timetable and track your progress

Workshop Information

Date:  September 29 and October 6, 2016
Time: 6:30pm - 9:00pm
Location: Maryland Extension Office, 3300 North Ridge Road Suite 240. Ellicott City, MD 21043 
Cost: $25 per individual or $30 per couple. Cost includes materials.

How to Register

Download the registration form. Please fill out the form and mail to:

Georgia Eacker
Maryland Extension Office
3300 North Ridge Rd, Suite 240
Ellicott City, MD 21043


Payment for the course must be by check. A check made payable to Howard County EAC should be included with your mailed registration form.



Visit the course website for more information:
Georgia Eacker, University of Maryland Extension
Phone: 410-313-1913
Jonathan S. Kays, Extension Specialist Natural Resources
Patricia Valentine, Howard County Forestry Board
 This course was developed by University of Maryland Extension in cooperation with Virginia and Pennsylvania. It is being offered by the Howard County Forestry Board in conjunction with University of Maryland Extension.
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